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The Developer Relations Survey is now open until Aug. 10th, 2022. Take the Survey NOW.

Do you know what DevRel professionals do? How about where most DevRel programs report? What’s the biggest challenge in DevRel today?

We can’t blame you if you’re in the dark. DevRel is a growing, dynamic, and very diverse practice. There’s a marked lack of benchmarking around salaries, activities, strategies, and backgrounds of people in DevRel, and a similar lack of uniformity around sizes, budgets, and locations of programs. But that’s changing with your help.

Contribute To DevRel

Here’s your opportunity to help the entire DevRel community by taking the 9th Annual Developer Relations Survey and contributing to research and outreach around DevRel.

Highlights from the 8th Report

Here are some highlights from the 8th Report:

The People

  • Fewer than 40% of DevRel professionals felt that their organization had a defined career path for DevRel.

  • Salaries ranged from under $50K USD to over $250K USD.

  • People in DevRel have very diverse backgrounds, ranging from engineers to analysts to office managers and even chemists, and are often referred to as “Swiss Army Knives” for their versatility and diverse expertise.

  • In a typical day, DevRel professionals spend the most time on content development, advocacy, strategy, and planning.

The Companies

  • Companies that practice DevRel are spread across the globe, from the US to Europe, UK, and India among others.

  • They range from a single employee to over 100,000 people.

  • Program budgets run from $10k to over $25M.

Check out the State of Developer Relations Reports for insights from past surveys that you can use to improve the performance of your program and teams.

Why it’s important

Creating one-size-fits-all resources and strategies for DevRel professionals and programs is a difficult task that requires immersive research and analysis. As well, DevRel is a practice that needs more recognition.

For these reasons, in 2013, Revere Communications (and prior to that, WIP), started this survey and continues to administer it with the support of a Working Group from the DevRel Community. With a few minutes of your time, we can make DevRel more transparent, and provide critical insights into challenges, opportunities, and the evolution of Developer Relations.

The Developer Relations Survey is now open until Aug. 10. Take the Survey NOW.

A HUGE thanks to this year’s Working Group members – Christina Monti, Gerald Crescione, James Governor, John Denniston, Mattew Kiernander, Robin Purohit, Stacey.S. Kruczek, Steven Pousty, and Wesley Faulkner.

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