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This is DevRel - Video Presentation

Caroline had the opportunity to speak at DevRelCon 2021 and in this newsletter we share her talk if you missed her first time around, or just want to recap.

This is DevRel

Still struggling with what Developer Relations is and what makes it unique? You obviously haven’t read our book. :-) If you do need a refresher or are ‘asking for a friend’, this talk should give you the answers you are looking for.

The talk is for:

  • Those new to DevRel

  • Those setting up a program for the first time

  • Those having to explain DevRel for corporate buy-in or funding purposes

The presentation also covers topics such as the DevRel business model, types of organizations, and the types of products that are supported within a DevRel program. The talk also reviews some of the key fundamentals of DevRel including how it gets operationalized with its five components, and how it’s important to understand the influences to set up and run a program, as well as for those with a DevRel position.

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