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The Developer Relations Program Directory

“The what, now?”, you may be thinking.

Well, have you ever been asked or pondered, “How many companies have a DevRel program?" So have we, but we never had a good answer, or a reference to point to.

We hope The Developer Relations Program Directory solves that for us all. The idea is to crowdsource a list of all the DevRel programs out there, which will be beneficial for a number of reasons, including to:

  • Describe the size of the DevRel community for the first time

  • Provide examples and data to aid investment into your programs

  • Forge new links between programs

  • Aid career growth

We aim to capture any Developer Relations program including APIs, SDKs, HDKs, tools, and reference designs, plus Developer Services like hackathon organizers, specialist recruiters, and marketplaces that aid distribution of developer tools.

​Keeping the DevRel Directory up to date isn’t a two person job :)

We need you to ensure the data is current and accurate. We have started things off by adding more than 750 entries to the directory, but we put the call out to:

  1. CHECK the accuracy of your company’s entry

  2. ADD your program in if it is missing

In The Developer Relations Program Directory you will find the following data for each entry:​

  • Company Name: The name of the company providing the program

  • Developer First*: The primary focus is to create and sell products for developers

  • Developer Plus*: The primary focus is to create and sell B2B or B2C products

  • Fortune 500: If appropriate, the company rank on the Fortune 500 list

  • Global 2000: If appropriate, the company rank on the Global 2000 list

  • Program Keywords: Associated keywords for the program

  • Active / Inactive - An indicator of the current status of the program

  • Developer Program URL: Direct link to the DevRel program in question

* see this blog post for more information on these categorizations.

The current data set shows:

  • Number of programs listed = 756

  • Developer First = 77 (10%)

  • Developer Plus = 675 (89%)

  • F500 = 127 (16% of directory, 25% of F500)

  • G2000 =482 (63% of the directory, 10% of G2000)

We hope this becomes a useful tool for the DevRel profession. Please visit, use, and contribute.


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