Results - 5th Annual Developer Relations Survey

WIP Factory's 5th Annual Developer Relations Survey is now available (March 5, 2018) for review and download.

As Developer Relations or DevRel, as a craft and ‘job’ is relatively new, the intent of this survey is for those of us in the craft to share best practices and benchmark our activities; as well as create more awareness across the board for the importance of Developer Relations and its practitioners.

Here are a few Highlights:

  • Over 50% of respondents are from the USA, 30% overall from Silicon Valley.

  • 65% of companies are from IT/Tech industry.

  • Telecoms Developer programs waned to 5%, down from a high of 16%.

  • The sweet spot of a program’s age is 2-4 years old.

  • 15%  of program don’t segment their developers

  • Events and Conferences are the mostly widely used channel to find developers, with Content Marketing increasing in usage. Hackathon participation has waned over the last 3 years.

  • Developer Programs are worrying less about finding qualified developers and are finding growing challenges in team training and product launches.

You can review the survey here.

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