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January 2014 New Developer Tools

The latest release of Google Play includes new features that not only provides Turn Based Mutliplayer support for games and preliminary API for integrating Google Drive, but also improves battery life for all users with Google Location Reporting enabled.

The Turn Based Multiplayer support allows developers to build asynchronous games to play with friends and auto-matched players, supporting 2-8 players per game. The release also includes a developer preview of the new Google Drive API for Android, which allows  users to easily read and write files in Google Drive across all devices on the web. Users can also work offline with the security of knowing that changes are automatically synced with Google Drive when they reconnect.

From a publisher standpoint, Google Play Services 4.1 allows increased support for DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick, Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps through the Google Mobile Ads SDK. Additionally, the Google+ sharing experience is also more efficient through the use of auto-complete and suggested recipients from Gmail contacts, device contacts and people on Google+.

Imgble is an online service that formats a specified image to best fit in different mobile screens. The tool's API allows users to submit images for reformatting, specify the height and width, the output format, and add over 20 effects to the image. Best of all, the API is free to use.

Macy's offers a variety of APIs that provide access to different types of content and services, including the product catalog, store events, promotions, coupons, registries, user profiles, and more. The Utilities API allows developers to programmatically manage mobile options. Users are able to opt in or out of mobile options, log mobile activity, or retrieve configuration files for a specific mobile app.

KidoZen is a mobile application backend-as-a-service platform, which allows mobile application developers backend solutions for existing applications and for building an managing new applications. The API and SDK allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of KidoZen with other applications and create new ones. Some API methods include account management, application feature management, and user management.

ZowPow Toys brings together physical toys and mobile technology by allowing children to play with physical toys through mobile technology that brings them to life. The API and SDK allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ZowPow Toys with other applications and create new ones.

Appercode is a universal application platform for smart devices that allows developers to unify platforms across devices for their applications. The API allows developers to unify platform-dependent parts of mobile applications' interfaces and empowers C# developers to create fully native cross-platform mobile applications more efficiently.

Fleksy is the first keyboard app to arrive on the iOS platform that replaces the native keyboards on smartphones and tablets by operating on a predictive text technology. The API and SDK allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Fleksy with other applications.

Applause is an analytics tool that measures mobile app quality and user satisfaction by grading across ten attributes, enabling companies to compare their apps version to version and against the competition. The API provides developers access to the analytics platform. The API is able to search for apps and deliver descriptive or factual information, review, and aggregated Applause statistics for a given app.

Mendix is an open mobile application building platform that allows users to seamlessly integrate with common software development and testing tools. The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Mendix with other applications.

Captain Pass is a web service allowing businesses to build, distribute, and manage PassBook Passes. The Captain Pass API provides a RESTful interface for creating, delivering, and updating passes. The API is able to create passes such as coupons, tickets, store cards, member cards, and transport tickets, for all major mobile platforms.

MobileDevHQ is a mobile application marketing platform. MobileDevHQ offers various features and services to application publishers, marketers, and developers to increase application downloads. The MobileDevHQ API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MobileDevHQ with other applications.

The Lipisha API was created to allow users the ability to easily integrate the payment system. The API carries out a number of activities including creating a new payment account, querying for transactions, Sending mobile money, charge a credit or debit card, transferring funds between different Lipisha accounts, and more.

Bestly is an A/B testing platform for native mobile applications that aims to make testing new app variations easy. The service enables users to easily make data-backed decisions about about application variations with confidence. The API allows developers to A/B test anywhere. Resources include Experiments, Trails, and uuid. All data is sent and received as JSON and an API key is required.

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